Oh... We're Halfway There...

...oooh-oooh... living on a prayer... Yeah, anyway, so we are now officially halfway to baby. I said to someone the other day that I had a halfway developed baby in me, then realized that sounded really weird and kinda creepy. So here I am at 20 weeks/5 months/banana-sized baby.

It's amazing how well I'm suddenly fitting into maternity shirts, like the one I'm wearing in the picture. An explanation for the huge jump from avacado to banana came on babycenter.com. It said that up until 20 weeks, they're measuring the length from head to booty because they're all so curled up, but after that they include the length of the legs. So the baby is actually about half the size it will be, about 10 inches these days.
So at the halfway point, here are some answers to my FAQs:
Q: How do you feel/Are you still sick?
A: No already. That ended like 6 weeks ago. Thank goodness.

Q: Are you craving anything?
A: Nothing specific, just food all of the time. Always. Hungry.

Q: Do you know what you're having?
A: I assume a baby. The flavor will (hopefully) be determined at the next appointment on November 14th.

Q: Have you picked a name yet?
A: We haven't even discussed it. We both have names we like, but we haven't actually sat down and talked about it. Something about picking a name for a person that they will have for the rest of their life scares me more than anything else about having a baby. I'm just kind of avoiding it at this point.

Q: Are you settled into your house?
A: (I know. Not related to baby, but asked all of the time.) No. We (mostly I) have a LOT of stuff and it will take a while to get it all where it needs to go. Plus paint needs to be applied in most of the house and that probably won't happen until Christmas. So ask again then.


  1. Well I think you look great in your maternity shirts. :) Glad you made it into your house. Have fun painting and getting things just like you like it. It's YOURS! As for your crazy neighbors, that is SOOO Bryant for ya. Seriously people. But nice to have some that care enough to send you cookies. Gotta love that!

  2. Oh man. That backyard is killer- literally! But seriously, awesome room for fun!!! Baby Sumners will love playing in it!!!! Can't wait til the 14th! Praying for you guys. Much love sidey.