Remember The Time I Had A Blog?

I'm alive! For the past about 6 weeks I've been feeling pretty sick every night and not really feeling up to sitting at the computer. I've been gradually feeling better, but then the Olympics happened. If you don't remember, I heart the Olympics! Every night for the past two weeks, I've come home from work and then watched 4-5 hours of the Olympics (depending on how late it went). Needless to say, I've been very tired for two weeks.
I've enjoyed the swimming, diving, and gymnastics the most. I am upset to say that, with only 24 hours left of the Olympics, that I haven't seen two my of favorite and most incomprehensible events: the long jump and the high jump. Both of those completely blow my mind. How do you propel your body that height and/or distance? Unbelievable. I hope it will show up sometime in the next two hours tonight or sometime tomorrow afternoon. It just amazes me.
At Christmas 2004, my mom (who buys me the Peanuts Hallmark ornaments every year) got me these adorable ornaments:

I obviously haven't had a reason to put them out. (I don't put very many non-Christmas ornaments on my tree... especially Olympics ones.) I was very excited to be able to use them as decorations during this time. I pulled them out of my Christmas box when packing it all up in January and put them in my desk to put out this August. They are on top of (and hanging from) our TV stand. Thanks mom!
Speaking of Olympics, I've been doing Olympics stuff with D this past two weeks. (Remember, I'm homeschooling him for Kindergarten... more on that later in the week.) On this page he colored the rings (his first experience with colored pencils) and was supposed to draw his favorite Olympic event. He LOVES the diving and has been watching it a lot. He did this completely adorable and awesome drawing:

Way to go, D!

Now that I'm feeling better, I have quite a few things to post about. I will hopefully be doing a baby update on Monday. (I work 1:30-9:15 tomorrow, so not tomorrow.) I'm already almost through with the torture known as the first trimester! Thanks for anyone who's still around. I promise I'll do better from now on!


  1. I heart the Olympics too!!!

  2. I'm glad you are back! We have missed your sense of humor and cute topics of blogging! Glad you are feeling better and I'm sad the Olympics will be over soon too!

  3. We like the same Olympic events. Well, the first three you mentioned anyway. I am glad you are feeling better, I look forward to that! Tell D way to go on the drawing. That is awesome (for a 5 year old)

  4. I was wonderin'. Glad to hear you are almost through the yucky time of pregnancy. :) We stayed up so late during the Olympics. Glad to get to bed earlier now.

  5. I heart you and your unborn baby. WHEN IS BOY/GIRL DAY!?!?!?! I have to know! What names are you thinking!?!?! aahhhhhhhhh- excitement gasp!