A Whole Lot Of Funny

I like to call the first 12 pictures Pictures I Took While Driving:


I saw this very weird car exiting my exit. The stuff on the body was reflective and then there were those eyes. Creepy!

I saw this person two days in a row. It seems they like horses.

I don't know at what point an astronaut became the symbol for Honda, but I like it.
I love Hondas and I love astronauts.

I've always wanted to go to this place while driving from Ft. Worth to the east.

This place, also on I-30, has always amused me. I don't really get it.

Isn't that an oxymoron?

That's the ARKANSAS headquarters for her campaign.
Pretty lousy and obviously didn't work.

...but feel free to trespass up to this point.

This is just ridiculous.

If all else fails, duct tape the sign to your car.

I like to call the next 9 pictures Pictures I Took While In A Car But The Car Was Not Moving Or Someone Else Was Driving:

Not much. What is up with you?

And then there was another backwards letter.

The UPS drivers wear UPS socks! I so want some of those!

That is a giant dog in a convertible.

When gas gets up to Lowercase D Upside Down Backwards F Eight and Nine Tenths, you know things are getting bad.


I want to meet this kid.

How do you do this to the back of your car?

A van with a map of Dallas on it!

And these last 6 pictures are called Pictures Not At All Related to Driving:

The air conditioning unit at my storage unit looks like a dharma symbol.

This. Is. Awesome.

Found on the back of a... ping pong table. Not a toy!

My favorite answer on this ONLINE poll is number four.

I have never seen this weird thing happen before.

And finally... this is what my shirt looks like after I wash the dog, dry him off, and hold him.


  1. These pictures crack me up!!

  2. That astronaut is not an astronaut. It's the robot designed by Honda. I does a lot of stuff, including walking really slow. I think it's name is Osimo.

  3. those were hilarious

  4. those were hilarious