Stupid Dr. Pepper

Don't get me wrong. I love the Dr. Pepper. It's my favorite. However, they're pretty lousy when it comes to prizes. I've received one good prize from them in the past. I saved up 23 labels and they sent me a hat, shirt, and metal lunch box. The lunch box was awesome, the shirt was an extra large (even though I asked for a small), and the old man hat (along with the shirt) went to my dad. Another time I saved up those point things and got a shirt. I wish I had a picture of it, so you could experience with me the ugliest shirt I have ever seen in my life. It was supposed to look like a faded jersey thing. It looked more like a old pink shirt that someone found in a trashcan. It was horrible. I have probably won a couple of free 20oz. bottles, though, and that's pretty good.
Now they're having the Look Under The Cap To Get The Code To Go Online To See If You Won game. It's like they're trying to make you not win. If you see the letters "UWIN" under your cap, go to the website and type it in. One in six WINS! Yeah right. After about 25 bottles, I finally "won." I was excited and got on the website. After about 10 attempts to get it to accept my code, I got it to go through. I had hopes of winning cash! trips! another ugly shirt! even a 20oz! Nope. Here's what I got:

Thanks for shelling out the bucks on me, Dr. Pepper Bottling Company. And way to have good grammar. AN Wallpaper prize. Hmph.