Car Fire and Rock Turtle

Two things I wanted to mention, but am just putting them in one post. A few nights ago, circa midnight when I was sitting at the computer, I heard a fire truck going down the street outside the apartment complex. This happens often around here. However, I heard the siren stop close. I went outside and saw it pulled into our complex, down at the building around the bend. Jon came out and I noticed that there was black smoke. Something was on fire, but we couldn't tell if it was a building, dumpster, or car. We put on shoes and walked down there and saw a car engulfed in flames. Engulfed! By the time we got all the way down there, the actual fire was out and the car was still smoking. I decided not to bring my camera because that just wouldn't be right.
I didn't mind taking it back to the scene of the crime the next day though. The car that was on fire was gone, but the one next to it was still there.

The ground below the car that had been on fire was clearly badly burned. The car next to it was also totaled. I went up close and the whole driver's side was burned out on the inside, since the windows blew in. I feel so sorry for both of these people. What a crazy thing to happen! Jon said that he saw police cars still there past 2:30am (He couldn't sleep that night.) so maybe something happened involving arson. Crazy!

And now for a completely different story. I'm teaching 2nd grade crafts at our church's Vacation Bible School in a couple of weeks. All of the grades are doing the same crafts and tonight we had practice night to make the crafts. We had to see what might be hard for the kids or whatever and make examples for them to see. We made these adorable turtles with river rocks and large puzzle pieces. I didn't want to lose mine because it came out so cute, so I brought it home.

And I got the best compliment after my evening of giving good ideas and painting my super cute turtle. A lady asked me "Are you an art teacher?" I said "No, but I used to teach first grade." "Oh!"