Woooooo! Hoooooo!

Yes! Such a wonderful surprise! I didn't think it could happen, but it did! David Cook won American Idol Season Seven! I have loved this guy pretty much the whole season. I'm so proud of him!
The other best moment of the night:

Carly and Michael were a-mazing together. They should just get married and make beautiful little babies with incredible singing talent. They could be the next von Trapps. Anyway, they should have easily made it to top three, if not final two, with Carly, of course, winning. Cleary the producers agreed about Michael based on how much screen time and how many solos he had. I didn't complain.
I can't wait to see what they, as well as David Cook, come out with. I'll be buying. Until then, I'm off to iTunes, which I finally got working on my computer again, to buy some more of this year's singles from those three artists. I'll be back next January for Season 8 of American Idol!

And on a completely unrelated note, do any of you girls in Little Rock watch Grey's Anatomy and want to invite me over to watch the finale with you tomorrow night? Thanks and thanks.


  1. Hey girl! I hope you got to see the finale of GA...that is my favorite show!
    We are actually still in your ss class...we just have a hard time making it! We tried last Sunday, but ended up being about 30 minutes late, so we just did church. We have high hopes for next Sunday though! :)
    We are planning on going to Candice's shower on Friday, so we'll see you then! Are guys going, or just girls?