Jack's Weird Belly

I haven't mentioned the dog in a while. This weird thing happened. During the first few weeks that we had Jack (when he was about 4 months old), he had really dark spots on his belly:

Within a few weeks, it faded to the same color as the skin around it and has stayed that way. I took this picture of him in the middle of March (because I walked in the room and he was laying this funny way), before the whole hospitalization business started:

He stayed with Jon's parents for most of the three weeks and when we got him back, his belly looked like this again:

So weird! He spent much of the time at the Sumners' house outside with the other dogs, but I don't know what that would have to do with it. That, and the fact that he was eating a different kind of food while there, was the only thing that was different about him being there. It's very slowly fading, but I'd love to know what caused it. Weird dog.


  1. I've heard it's allergies... in case you want to look into it.