Dear KARK 4,

I finally got around to watching Thursday's ER season finale tonight. I have enjoyed this show for fourteen years now. Although I am kind of tired of it, I still enjoy watching it. I had heard that something major happened at the end of the episode and I was anticipating seeing it. You, as my local provider of NBC television, have been consistent with good service to me in my 10 months of living here in Little Rock. However, I was not happy tonight when, in the last 30 seconds of Thursday's ER, this happened:

I wonder if the person in your control room just wasn't paying attention and thought that "Abby walking down the street" was the end of the episode, rather than the typical "Ending Credits." Next time, maybe you should have your director prescreen the episode preceding the news to make sure that they know when the episode is actually over. Also, I would like your director to please send me the last 30 seconds of the show so I can know what caused that ambulance to explode.
Thank you,


  1. I was not happy! I had recorded it on DVR too and couldn't believe we did not get to see the ending! Great letter to KARK! Next season we will finally find out who was on the ambulance-- I'm thinking neither one got on it.


  3. I'll let you know when i get around to watching it. , No KARK up here!