Back Home!

Yay! After two more nights at the hospital, we are back home! We ended up not risking it and staying one extra night to make sure he didn't get sick once they took him off of his medicines. He'd also been pretty nauseous and didn't want to go home while still feeling sick. They ended up having to relocate his IV about 6 times while we were there because it kept coming out of the vein (yuck and yikes!). We were able to come home this morning. His back hurts still (and probably will for a few weeks) but he has pain meds for that. His arms are bothering him from all of the IVs. They are bruised and swollen and he said they're itchy. He's been eating like a monster since he hasn't really eaten well all week, so that's good. I've been busy all day doing laundry since I didn't get to do it last weekend. (FYI: Two weeks of laundry (one of which he spent mostly in the same clothes) for us = NINE loads) It's good to be back home. Here's hoping the next time we're in a hospital is for the birth of our future children.

So in the past eight days, one or both of us had:

12 People Visit
11 TV Show Episodes Watched Online
10 Different Nurses
9 Kinds of Medicine
8 Days Where At Least Part of the Day Was at the Hospital
7 IV Locations
6 Nights in the Hospital
5 Medical Doctors
4 Cafeteria Meals
3 Medical Procedures
2 ER visits
1 Late Night Ambulance Ride

I didn't get many pictures this time. Here are the three I took.

The nurse came in on Tuesday to take down one of the signs and put up a new one. When she took it down, this happened. (That's under an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.) BIG hunk of paint missing.

My "bed" for the week. VERY uncomfortable.

When I was on my e-mail one night while there, I saw this ad at the top. Topamax may very likely be the drug that has caused this two month long migraine that led to this whole process. Very coincidental.

By the way, to add to the post from Monday when we spent 40 hours and 30 minutes in the hospital, we spent exactly 100 hours there this time. Plus the 7 hours last Friday. So 147 hours and 30 minutes (out of the past 192 hours) total time spent at St. Vincent Infirmary in the past 8 days.


  1. Topomax is the drug that made me crazy and zoinked out for several months in college. I recommend that no one take it. Side effects out the wazoo.

  2. I'm so glad your home! It sounds like he is feeling better. I hope everything goes well at school today for him!