This Post Is Not About Lost

Sonic (the drive-in restaurant for any of you poor souls who happen to live somewhere that this wonderful place doesn't exist) copyrights a bunch of stuff. I was sitting waiting for my drink the other day and looking at the menu. I noticed how many words or phrases had that R with a circle around it. I wrote them all down:
Route 44
SuperSonic (Cheeseburger, etc.)
Sonic Size
Your Ultimate Drink Stop
Sonic Blast
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken
(Chicken Club) Toaster
Frozen Favorites
Sonic Boom
Your Morning Drink Stop
Wacky Pack
Sonic Wave
Ocean Water
And as a I drove out, a sign in the grass said something catchy about working there that was also restricted. Hmph. I should copyright something. Like the word "the".