Ten Days!

So THIS is now online (click to make it bigger):

1. That does NOT look like enough people. Who's getting on the boat?!
2. There's the skyline of Los Angeles (?) reflected in the water. Who's leaving?!
3. There's also a 6 or a 9 reflected in the water. What's going on?!

If you're bored while waiting for the return of LOST on January 31st, you can waste some time on find815.com. It's supposed to be the site for a guy who is searching for the lost Oceanic flight 815 that his fiancee was on. It's a game where you search for clues and stuff. I usually don't do these kind of things, but I really like this one. You should try it out.


  1. Hey Ashley! I like the new look of your blog! I think I will begin watching Lost this season. I stopped watching when they kept pushing the button over and over. Remind me to give you a picture that Randy has on his phone...very funny!

  2. I can't wait either! Why do they always give these strange clues in their show, or this picture for example. What other shows do that? Really. ?? I guess it makes it more fun for the viewers like us! :) Can't wait to see what happens.

  3. No other shows do that! That's what makes it so awesome!

  4. I think that's an 8 in the water. Maybe eight main characters will leave or stay. Hmmm...

    I've done all the activities on find815.com.

    I like it a lot.