Christmas: by Jack

We had a fun and adventurous trip to Fort Worth this year for Christmas!

When we got there I heard the dogs next door and had to talk to them.

The first night Grandma was making these things called Sausage Balls.
They looked and smelled delicious.

I tried to look my very cutest while she was making them.

I even got my cousin Jigga in on the act.

I waited patiently, but never got anything out of the deal.

Jigga really wanted to steal my bone, so I hid it from him in my food bowl.

Mom and Dad brought my favorite toy and that guy Jigga wanted it too.

One day a giant dog showed up in the front yard.
Don't worry. Jigga and I scared it off.

I got a big bone again for Christmas this year. It tasted like peanut butter!

I was nice and decided to share it with Jigga.

Grandma decided that she wanted my toy too!

I decided to play a trick on the neighbor dogs and hide behind the curtain while talking to them. I think it worked. They never saw me!

That peanut butter bone? It was delicious.
One week later on New Year's Day I finished it off!