Y'all Are Stressing Me

Now that I have a group of regular visitors, I'm feeling obligated to post something regularly. One of you told me tonight that you enjoy my page since I'm on it every day. Every day?! I don't think I can keep up! I remembered I didn't post up the funny Thanksgiving pictures. So here they are. Thanksgiving in Fort Worth with my fam, starting with the montage of Jack wanting some food:

Wanting some of the bread my mom was tearing up for the dressing.

Wanting some of the cinnamon muffin batter.

Wanting some of the brownie batter (or whatever she was mixing). Greedy dog.

My mom was pre-carving the turkey and found the wishbone, so she and my brother decided to play.

They have pieces of paper towel wrapped around it because it was slippery.

My mom (who can't keep her eyes open when a camera flashes) won.

Josh was sad and was consoled by his girlfriend. But luckily my mom wished for the same thing as he did: a new place for him to live and this week it happened! Yay!

We had super weird Thanksgiving In The Living Room this year because my mom didn't want to cram 9 people into her small dining room. It worked pretty well.

The boys (and Grammy too apparently) didn't even wait for the table to be moved out of the living room to turn on the football. You see Jon had already changed into his Cowboys shirt.


  1. Your little dog is so well behaved. My Bo would have been licking and bouncing around everywhere trying to get some batter!

  2. He is very patient waiting for food. He gets as close as you'll let him, but will stay back if you tell him to.

  3. Your dog is so cute. At my house on Thanksgiving there were three dogs. They just went by my cousin (she's only like four)because they knew they would get plenty of food.