Ode to ER

Tonight, on the evening of the 300th episode of ER, I want to offer up a little poem I wrote to honor the show. First a disclaimer that this is probably the worst poem I've ever written. I was trying to put all of those names in there and it just didn't work well. Nobody's name is rhymable! I've been watching the show from its beginning in 1994. I wasn't a regular watcher at the very beginning, but I'd say I've probably seen 275 out of the 300 episodes. So here we go. My pretty bad Ode to ER.

Lily, Malik, Haleh, and Pickman will stay in my heart

Since they’ve been on ER from the very start.

I guess I’ll count Chuny, Olbes, and Shirley too,

But they didn’t start until season two.

“Who are Pickman and Olbes?” you may say.

The same paramedics that are there each day.

I’ve watched ER now for 14 years,

But when I think of who’s left I shed a tear.

I loved the old days of Peter and Carter,

Mark and Elizabeth, Carol and Doug

There were some people I never liked though.

They always found a way to bug:

Malucci and Lucy, and Kovac even

And Jing-Me (who was Deb in the very first season.)

There have been people who have been on the show

Who are now famous but not all know.

Jorja Fox, Khandi Alexander,

Maria Bello, and Mariska Hargitay

Elizabeth Mitchell, Tom Everett Scott,

And William H. Macy weren’t here to stay.

Many got their start on our show,

But have found now higher places to go.

When I was 13 in 1994,

I watched the pilot as Carol came through the door.

And in the first few years I didn’t keep the streak,

I watched it alot, but not every week.

Around season 4, I watched every time

Was in front of the TV at the nine o’clock chime.

I’ve barely missed an episode since then,

Even when it got bad after season ten.

But even with it getting better again

I’m really ready for the show to end.

Over half my life I’ve watched this show

And I think it’s now time for it to go.

It’s been a good time and I’ve enjoyed it all,

But something new can come next fall.


  1. Wow. Nice job there. We too are fans. They just tend to kill everyone off so easily. I don't know how they'll end it. It's been going on so long. I guess we'll wait and see.

  2. I didn't know who Pickman and Olbes were/are.

    I've also watched about 275 of the eps. It's been a rough ride.