Look Around

I did lots of Christmas shopping today. I was all over town. When I'm driving and when I'm walking through parking lots I can't help but look at people's license plates. Sometimes I see funny ones and of course I take a picture. I saw a kind of random one when I was at Bed Bath and Beyond today, but didn't really feel like stopping and taking a picture. I went to a bunch more stores and went to my last stop, JC Penney. That SAME CAR was there! So I HAD to take a picture this time:

And in case you were wondering "Look up where?" the guy with the answer to that question was parked in my apartment complex parking lot when I got home tonight. Seriously.


  1. What is with your life? How do you manage to come across these plates? I don't see any cool ones. Sad me...

  2. Half of central Arkansas has personalized license plates. It's really odd.