Christmas Time is Here!

Thanksgiving was the earliest it could possibly be this year. It kind of threw me off in regards to Christmas decorating. I went to get the Christmas decorations from the storage last Sunday. I put some of the stuff up immediately, but I needed to get some material to cover up whatever I was going to put our tree up on. We only have a 4 foot tree because we still live in an apartment.

Pause for story time.

Last year Jack ate an entire ornament. A glass ball that Jon's mom made us with pieces of flowers from our wedding. Kind of important. Luckily she had extras and I got another one. I walked in the room and almost all of the glass was gone and the pieces of flowers were laying there. I nearly killed him. And luckily the glass in his stomach didn't.

The End.

So now you see why the tree needs to be up high. I bought the material and put the tree and lights up and on a tiny table several days ago.
Today I FINALLY put all the ornaments on the tree and finished decorating. I also transformed our picture shelf into Christmas Shelf. Aw...

As I was capturing my handiwork, I managed to also catch Jack making off with a pair of socks. That was pretty funny. Here are a few of my favorite new, not-so-new, and new to me things that I have up this year.

Aw. Us. Hallmark sold these last year.

I bought a bunch of these super cute hand towels at Target last year. I like them. (Do you think they look alright or is it too much?)
I love this furry guy. I think he was a Christmas present from a student a couple of years ago.

My mom bought these Peanuts figurines during the first few Christmases that they were married. She gave them to me this year.

I also watched my one of my top 6 favorite Christmas movies while putting up the tree: Elf. Love it.

Ashley's Top Six Favorite Christmas Movies
1. A Christmas Story
2. Home Alone
3. Elf
4. A Charlie Brown Christmas
5. Santa Claus: The Movie
6. All of the old claymation movies

And speaking of "All of the old claymation movies," they are selling them all as a boxed set and I bought it tonight on Amazon. I'm super excited about it. So that wraps up my day of Christmas awesomeness. What are your favorite Christmas movies?


  1. I love the hand towels. I'm going Christmas shopping on the prep for next year! In the meantime, I don't think I'm allowed to spend any more money to decorate.



  2. Cute hand towels! Everytime I read your blog, I'm laughing out loud! You are one funny gal...I probably never hear you talk b/c I'm always the one talking...hahaha. See you Tuesday night at ladies class meeting!

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