Thanksgiving, Yo.

I hate it when people call it Turkey Day. How hard is it to say Thanksgiving? We're going to the Fort Worth from Tuesday until Friday to see my fam. I'm super-excited since I haven't seen them since Labor Day. So until then, here's a link to this year's Homestar Runner Thanksgiving Cartoon. "It's true too. Funny and true." (Bonus points to anyone who can name that quote!) Happy Thanksgiving!


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  2. Your blog is hilarious. I keep forgeting to check it, so I'll add it to my page. Love your random thoughts!

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  4. The cartoons were cute...and true! See ya on Sunday, hope you have a great time in Ft. Worth.

  5. What was in the deleted comments?

  6. I accidently posted the same comment twice!

  7. It was this weird long thing in all French with lots of links in it. I didn't want anyone clicking on it and getting spammed so I deleted it. I've seen it on someone else's blog too.