I just decided to do one of those Love Languages tests online (although I already knew what mine were) but at the end of it, there was this question:

Lastly, besides your Personality interest, which phrase best describes you today?
Pet owner.
Parent of an infant.
Black person or person interested in African-American culture and news.
Entrepreneur capitalist.
Clean clothes enthusiast.
18 years old or younger.
18 to 40 years old.
Older than 40 years.
None of the above.

These are extremely random things that, if I had taken the test on this particular page, I would have trouble choosing. "Well, I do own a dog and am throwing his ball for him as I'm taking this test, but I'm also in the middle of doing laundry, however, I AM 26 years old too. Hmmm..."


  1. That's certainly just a user-poll, to see what kind of people are taking their tests. Weird, though, that they wrote "Black person". Gosh, I haven't seen that written in years.

    I'm somewhat of a clean clothes enthusiast. I mean, I'm certainly not a dirty clothes enthusiast.