Funny Dog

Jack has always been a cuddler. He snuggles up next to me any time I'm lying on the couch. He LOVES my sweatshirt blanket and often claims it as his own if I'm not using it.

This is how he looked when I came in the room the other day. I love his little tail nubbin.

He peeked out from under it to see me.

On the way back from Thanksgiving, he got to ride in the front with me instead of in his box as usual because he was cold from getting out of the car in the 40 degree rain. He was chillin' in my sunglasses. (Notice the blanket again.)

When we got back home that night, he climbed up in my lap and nuzzled up UNDER my sweatshirt. It was crazy cute.

Then curled up on the pillow on my lap later. Cutie.


  1. Your puppy is so cute. I love them when they are small and adorable!

  2. He loves his momma!