A Few New Signs and Things

Things around Little Rock in the last week or two:

Better watch out! It's "THE SPY." I've seen this guy more than once but can't seem to get a clear shot of his plate. Maybe because he's a spy.

I drove by the Lifeway sign the other day and the Y had fallen off. They solved the problem the next day.

If I don't WHAT?! (I know I posted another version of this exact same sign recently.)

There is some kind of dead animal thing on her antennae.

Don't you? (Best bumper sticker I've seen in a long time.) I like how they chose to use both the word "love" AND the heart symbol. They must really love it.

I don't get it, but it's funny.

Mmmmm. Tacos from a van.

I hope you weren't intending on taking your parade onto the freeway.

Well said, billboard.

Biggest afro ever? Yes.

This was just kind of weird. And in Arkansas.


  1. Where you live scares me just a little bit...

  2. Don't blame me. I've only lived here 3 months.