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I don't usually tell people about things that I have bought that I have enjoyed, but I have two things I want to share. The time before last when I bought blush I realized it lasted me a really long time. So the next time I bought it I decided to to write on the back the date to see how long it really lasted. I don't know if you can read it in the picture below but it says 9-10. I thought that I wouldn't need to include the year, but that is actually September 10th, 2005!! This stuff has lasted me over two years. This is how much is now left:

So I highly recommend Cover Girl Cheekers blush. It lasts forever.

Second. This is what it looks like when your dog chews up a pen on his pillow. (I have no idea why part of it is in exact squares.) :

He also got the purple all over his paws while chewing on the pen. As evidenced by the pictures below, it's really hard to get pictures of a dog's paws.

Then he just gave in. "No, no more pictures!"

And then when he chewed his bone, it turned purple also. (Sorry. Kind of gross.)

Anyway, to the point. I put some Spray 'n' Wash Stain Stick on that pillow case and every bit of that ink came out! I've also gotten Sharpie out of khaki pants (after 4-5 rounds of washing). It's great. Use it!

And completely unrelated, sometimes recently Jack just decides to die. I look over and he's lying like this with his eyes wide open:

(Doesn't he look like he's smiling?)


  1. I can't comment on the Aggie crap. I have not idea what you're talking about.

    However, I think your new Meez is very appropriate and cute, and that picture of the bone looks like an ear. So, you might want to check the side of Jon's face and see if anything is missing.


  2. There is no Aggie crap. Except for the bird poop I already posted about, and those birds are definitely not Aggies. (devil birds with scary eyes!)

    Blush lasts forever no matter who makes it, shmo. But I do like that color.