The new man in my life

I had a busy first week as a nanny. I spent the whole week (other than Friday) with just the 4 year old. We had alot of fun. Here are a few pictures from last week and today.

Today we went to a super fun play place for young children called The Wonder Place. It has many sections for all kinds of creative play. This was in the cafe, obviously, where they can make fake sandwiches and ice cream dishes.

In the puppet/costume area he told me "This one is a girl because it's wearing a hat."

In the legos/blocks area he found a hat from the costume area.

Back in the cafe. He has the prettiest eyes. You can really tell in this picture.

Last week we went to a toy store where they have craft time for children. Back at the house, we finally finished this tissue paper art. (It took a long time!)

At the Chick-fil-a playground. I couldn't get out of the picture, but this was hilarious.

At the movie theater for the FREE kids movie! If you or someone you know lives near a Rave theater, they have completely free (for both kids and parents) children's movies on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Check it out.

Update: Ok, so those movies are only during the summer and last week was the last one. Check back next summer I guess!

We really kept busy. This was at the preschool story time at Barnes and Noble.