Funny Things 1-20

Now I'm not saying that these are RANKED #1-20, I'm just saying here are the first 20 especially awesome pictures in my "Funny Signs & Things" folder. I'm going to start with signs, or things that are close to being signs and then move on to other funny type things. Here we go...

This is one of the funniest/most random things I've ever seen on the back of a bathroom door.

...and here is a sample of it!


I know you can't read that. It says "Lost Wolf-Looking Dog. See Employee."

Someone at Garden Ridge needs to proofread their signs.

They are excited about their air ride equippedness.

But it says it's ok!

You'd better not get too many!

This was in Las Vegas. Which is in a desert.

This was in a church bathroom.

Poor Dairy Queen was missing a bunch of letters when they put up this message.

Is there some kind of game constantly happening in New York City? I don't understand this.

As if anyone in NYC pays any attention to that.

Did you think about it? I sure hope not!

Watch your soap use.
I wonder how much the $20.00 pass would cost.

I hope your product is ok.

Do not THROW on the bus!

This sign has an exciting assortment of synonyms.

This was in Los Angeles. We really never figured out what it meant.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more silliness.


  1. All of these are really funny. I'm so glad you took pictures of these.

    I once took a picture of the back of a seat on a NYC bus. I wish I could find it. It had something funny but now I can't remember it. This story was a lot better in my head.