36 Weeks and Counting...

It's the final countdown! Here I am at 36 weeks aka 9 months aka honeydew-sized baby.
Although, like the last two months, it wasn't actually a honeydew this week. It was a crenshaw melon. I've neither heard of that nor do I know where to get one, so I went with something easy to find.

Things to know about me at 36 weeks:
* Do not say "Not sleeping now is getting you ready for not sleeping in a few weeks." or "Are you ready for your world to change?" or "Are you still pregnant?" or any other equally annoying thing. I might possibly punch you in the face.
* I am now a full-fledged snorer.
* My feet and ankles aren't swollen. My fingers aren't swollen. I'm still wearing my rings. Yes!
* Although not technically an outie, the edges of the belly button can now be seen raised under a thin shirt. That's why I almost always wear two shirts over the high-rise pants.
* Everything I eat feels like it's sitting in my throat.
* I have contractions all day every day. They don't hurt yet, but I know they're coming when I feel like I can't breathe. Also, if I'm walking around a lot, there are more contractions and they make me feel like I need to pee. Lovely.
* The boy moves in giant pushing motions rather than kicks and punches these days. I look down and my whole stomach is moving.
* At the doctor's visit last week he said that Jake is head-down (Hurray!) and that I'm at 1 centimeter dilated and not-a-bit effaced. (Yes, I know you can be that for weeks.)
* I had my 2nd shower this weekend (which I'll post about soon) and the kid will be well dressed. I'll tell you that much.
* I'm pretty much miserable all of the time, but still need at least a week (preferably more) to finish getting things put away and get stuff cleaned up. So don't come yet, kid!

If I don't make it to 40 weeks, I hope to be able to quickly snap a picture with the 40 week food product that's been sitting in my closet for a while now, suprisingly not rotting, before heading to the hospital.


  1. If you think those comments are annoying just wait till your kid gets here and everyone in the world will offer you advice. Get used to it, you're a mom and you won't earn any brownie points with anyone by punching them in the face :) Pregnancy and tiny babies bring a world of annoying comments - didn't anyone tell you that?!?!

  2. Still looking good!! (I won't get punched for that, will I? I mean, you really are. Honest.)

  3. I am jealous...still wearing rings, no swelling...! My ankles (with Bailey) were about 12 inches around! No kidding! You look awesome! I must say that I actually slept more after my babies were born than before...so here's hoping...I am so happy for you-he's almost here!